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We have the highest quality Auto Accessories Air Transfer System.


How It Works


Say No to the Tow

The never expecting flat tire. A Slow leaking Nail Hole or Puncture will not leave you waiting for the Tow Truck or Family member to save the day any longer.  The uncertainty of how to get home, to work whom to call, will not be a problem with the Inflator in your Vehicle. 


Self Help

With The Inflator you can literally be on the road in minutes. Save your money on the Tow Truck with this two step process, that we have made so simple a 5 year old can do it.


Two Steps to getting your car back on the road

Simply take The Inflator out from the small storage space in the vehicle. Push the locking European style, locking air chuck on one valve stem. Then take the other end with another locking european locking valve air chuck and place on another tire of choice. You can use your spare tire air, another tire from your own car or a friendly neighbor. Then the air self transfers faster than most convenient stores dollar pumps. Then you can take your time to go to the service station of choice to get the problem fixed.. With out paying all the Emergency fees.

Safety Usage for Auto accessories

Waking Up To A Bad Day


Never be late for work again. Due to low or flat tire from a simple puncture.

Don't Get Stranded


On vacation or daily driving. Waitng for a tow service or friend can take hours. Pump it up your self in Minutes. 

Kids First Car


Making sure your kids don't have a break down and calling home scared with a simple easy to fix flat tire. Take the worry away.. 

Moms Need a Simple Fix


Single MOM, no problem. Fix it your self and never have to leave your car because you have no one to call.



Fix the problem with no assistance. Unlike other devices you don't need another car or operating instructions. 

The Uses



Our Crews use The Inflator to save time just connecting to the spare tire and using it like an air tank daily. Save money and hours of lost work . From truck tires, equipment or trailer tires.



Tow trucks are using The Inflator to fix tires on the side of the road. Plugging the tire on site. Saving time for both the client and them.  Pump it up in seconds.

House Hold


Buying a new appliance is costly. Usually heavy and awkward. Bringing out the dolly with a flat is no big deal for The Inflator. Pump it up in seconds.

The Coach / The Athlete


Keep your kids active during practice or play time. Never pop the trunk to a  deflated ball problem.

The Clean Car


Keep that sand at the beach,, with the air blow gun dust your self clean. Even clean the cracks of your interior like the professional detailer does. 



Keep the machines working. A flat tire on a loader can be hours of lost income. 

Shark Tank Promo

The new tool for every house, car and contractor

KId Friendly

Kids using The Inflator to put air in bike tire, Soccer Ball while switching air accessories. 

Demo in the Garage

Demo on a bike to show just how easy this two step process can save your day. My 11 year old daughter transfers air from front tire to back tire on her bike.  With are special locking air chucks.

Coil Inflator

 The Coil Inflator, being attached and used while driving. To show that you can leave it attached to side by side tires to limp to service station or saver place to wait for help 

Stayed plugged in till your safe

The Coil Inflator, being attached and used while driving. To show that you can leave it attached to front and back tires to limp to service station or saver place to wait for help





Manufacturer's Warranty 1 0 year  limited warranty 

Ship Weight 1 pound 13 oz 

Hose Length (ft.) 15 

Max. PSI 200

 Hose Outlet Size (in. NPT ) 1/4 

Hose Material Durable Rubber

Max. Hose Temp Range (°F)-40–190

Solid brass 1/4 in. NPT end fittings

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