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 We’ve owned a landscape company for many years. With more than 400 customers, I designed a hose to keep the work moving. Before this, we tried many things made to inflate tires. From a mini electric air pump, battery air pumps to the air tank. The air tank held up the best but was always left empty. Employees would lose hours every day leaving the job site to find air for the tank. Sometimes it meant driving to multiple locations trying to find a working air compressor. I would often take the air tank and transfer air from the truck tire to the tank and then transfer air to the machines. BRIGHT IDEA! It came to me to just build an air transfer hose to do this action. We were having great success using the new hose for work! It also saved us from having bulky tanks in our trucks…. or worse….forgetting them back at the shop! But we didn’t think of the hose as an invention to offer to others. We just used it to make our work day easier and more productive. A good friend of mine has a tire shop close to our location. He sometimes asked me to watch the store. Many of his clients were towed in due to a small object or nail in the tire causing it to slowly go flat leaving people stranded. That’s when I thought others might benefit from my invention for both private consumer and commercial use.


 So, I started talking to friends, other landscape businesses, construction companies and customers at the tire shop. I asked, “If there was a lightweight hose to transfer air to a tire in need, would you use it?” Almost every person asked, “Where can I buy one!?” My next step was to figure a way to make these dependable and easy to use from work related problems to daily consumer use.


 The Inflator was built for emergency situations, work related issues, as well as the home owner needing to put air in the kid’s bike. With all of this in mind, the hose was designed with locking air chucks on both ends to allow it to be a hands-free device. This will allow for a phone conversation, plugging the tire or moving yourself away from the road while the air transfers from one tire to the other.


Most flats or low tire are caused by a small puncture. The object is usually still in the tire allowing air to escape slowly without being detected ……that is until you wake up for work, or get to your car after shopping, or when the soccer game is over and you get to the car with the kids! Instead of waiting for a tow or service company, the Inflator will transfer air to the tire in need, so you can get to where you are going before you need to change the tire or take it to the shop for repair. With the Inflator, there are no moving parts, no power needed and no refilling. Its always ready when you need it and easy for anyone to use. Just hook it to the tire in need and use air from one of your other 3 tires, your spare tire or from the neighboring car near yours (with the owner’s permission of course!)